Linking tips has been written to try to make it as easy as possible to link to specific information.
Available on all pages
Available on Quran pages only
Advanced search tips
By default QuranX search will take your search text and find results with as many matches as possible and then list them in order of relevance. This will often result in a large number of matches, so there are a number of options you may use to refine your search results.
Enclose search phrases in quotes to search for an exact phrase: "The all knowing"
Excluded words
Use the prefix - to ensure no results matching the word/phrase are included: +Allah -"All knowing"
Conditional words/phrases
Use capital letters OR: Mohammed OR Muhammad
Partial words / wildcards
You may use an astrisk * to indicate a match for any number of characters, for example m*h*m*d would match both "Muhammad" and "Mohammed"