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Commentaries for 17.58

Bani Israil (The Israelites) - الإسراء

17.58 Abbas - Tanwîr al-Miqbâs min Tafsîr Ibn ‘Abbâs
(There is not a township but We shall destroy it) We shall destroy its people (ere the Day of Resurrection, or punish it with dire punishment) with the sword and diseases. (That) destruction and torment (is set forth in the Book (of Our decrees)) is written in the Guarded Tablet.
17.58 Jalal - Al-Jalalayn
There is not a town — its inhabitants are the ones meant — but We shall destroy it before the Day of Resurrection, through death, or chastise it with terrible chastisement, by killing [its inhabitants] or otherwise. That has been inscribed in the Book, the Preserved Tablet (al-lawh al-mahfūz).
17.58 Kathir - Ibn Al Kathir
The Destruction or Torment of all Disbelieving Towns before the Hour begins
Here Allah tells us that He has decreed and it is written in Al-Lawh Al-Mahfuz (The Preserved Tablet) which is with Him, that there is no town that He will not destroy by wiping out all its people or by punishing them,
عَذَاباً شَدِيداً
(with a severe torment.) either by killing them or sending calamities upon them as He wills. This will be because of their sins, as Allah says of the past nations:
وَمَا ظَلَمْنَـهُمْ وَلَـكِن ظَلَمُواْ أَنفُسَهُمْ
(We wronged them not, but they wronged themselves.) 11:101
فَذَاقَتْ وَبَالَ أَمْرِهَا وَكَانَ عَـقِبَةُ أَمْرِهَا خُسْراً
(So it tasted the evil result of its affair (disbelief), and the consequence of its affair (disbelief) was loss.) 65:9
وَكَأِيِّن مِّن قَرْيَةٍ عَتَتْ عَنْ أَمْرِ رَبِّهَا وَرُسُلِهِ
(And many a town (population) revolted against the command of its Lord and His Messengers;) 65:8 and many Ayat.
17.58 Maududi - Sayyid Abul Ala Maududi - Tafhim al-Qur'an
This is to remove the delusion of the disbelievers that their habitations were immune from danger or chastisement. This verse warns that every habitation will be destroyed as a matter of course or by Allah's chastisement.