Hadith collection

Riyad as-Salihin / Book 16 / Hadith 1420

In-book reference
Riyad as-Salihin
In-book reference

Ka'b bin 'Ujrah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported:

The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said, "There are some words, the reciters of which will never be disappointed. These are: Tasbih [saying 'Subhan-Allah' (Allah is free from imperfection)], thirty-three times, Tahmid [saying 'Al-hamdu lillah' (praise be to Allah)] thirty-three times and Takbir [saying 'Allahu Akbar' (Allah is Greatest)] thirty-four times; and these should be recited after the conclusion of every prescribed prayer."[Muslim]

وعن كعب بن عجرة رضي الله عنه عن رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم قال‏:‏ ‏

"‏معقبات لا يخيب قائلهن -أو فاعلهن- دبر كل صلاة مكتوبة‏:‏ ثلاثًا وثلاثين تسبيحة وثلاثًا وثلاثين تحميدة، وأربعًا وثلاثين تكبيرة‏"

‏ ‏(‏‏(‏رواه مسلم‏)‏‏)‏‏.‏