The Qur'an

Bani Israil (The Israelites) - الإسراء

كُلًّا نُّمِدُّ هَٰٓؤُلَآءِ وَهَٰٓؤُلَآءِ مِنْ عَطَآءِ رَبِّكَ ۚ وَمَا كَانَ عَطَآءُ رَبِّكَ مَحْظُورًا
Ahmad Ali
"We bestow from the gifts of your Lord on these and on those, for the gifts of your Lord are not restricted.
Ali Qarai
To these and to those—to all We extend the bounty of your Lord, and the bounty of your Lord is not confined.
Amhad Khan
We provide help to all – to these and to those, by the bestowal of your Lord; and there is no constraint on the bestowal of your Lord.
Each We succour, these and those, from thy Lord's gift; and thy Lord's gift is not confined.
(To) each We extend (to) these and (to) these, from (the) gift (of) your Lord. And not is (the) gift (of) your Lord restricted.
To each--these and those--We extend of the bestowment of thy Lord; and the bestowment of thy Lord is never restrained.
Hilali & Khan
To each these as well as those We bestow from the Bounties of your Lord. And the Bounties of your Lord can never be forbidden.
To all of these as well as those We shall provide the wherewithal of this life in the present world by dint of your Lord's Bounty; and from none shall the Bounty of your Lord be withheld.
Muhammad Sarwar
Each group will receive its share of your Lord's generosity. Your Lord's generosity is not limited.
Muhammad Shakir
All do We aid-- these as well as those-- out of the bounty of your Lord, and the bounty of your Lord is not confined.
Each do We supply, both these and those, from the bounty of thy Lord. And the bounty of thy Lord can never be walled up.
We help these and those, a gift from your Lord; and your Lord's gift is not restricted.
Sahih Intl
To each [category] We extend - to these and to those - from the gift of your Lord. And never has the gift of your Lord been restricted.
Talal Itani
To all—these and those—We extend from the gifts of your Lord. The gifts of your Lord are not restricted.
Kullan numiddu haolai wahaolai min AAatai rabbika wama kana AAatao rabbika mahthooran
Wahihuddin Khan
Upon all, both these [who desire the world] and those [who desire the Hereafter] We bestow the bounty of your Lord: none shall be denied the bounty of your Lord --
Yusuf Ali
Of the bounties of thy Lord We bestow freely on all- These as well as those: The bounties of thy Lord are not closed (to anyone).